10 Black Friday text messaging strategies to bring into 2021

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The mGage team offers advice on deploying Black Friday strategies and tactics throughout the year.

This year, top brands went full force with digital strategies to encourage Black Friday sales while many shoppers stayed home to avoid the crowds. Companies turned to the power of text messaging to connect with customers.

According to Retail Dive, shoppers were more deliberate with their purchases this year. While mallgoers often browse multiple stores, online shoppers were more specific about the websites they visited. eCommerce, curbside pickup, and large retailers that sell a wide variety of items were all winners this year.

  • Shopping on smartphones jumped 25 per cent to $3.6 billion, making up 40 per cent of total online spending on Black Friday. (Retail Dive)

  • In-store and curbside pickup increased 52 per cent from a year earlier. (Retail Dive)

  • Online sales for those businesses were 545 per cent higher on Black Friday compared to an average day in October. (Adobe)

  • Customers are expected to spend 20 per cent more in 2020 than 2019. (Adobe). 

These trends are likely to continue through the holiday season, and event into 2021.

While these messages focused on advertising Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, many of the text message marketing strategies brands leveraged will be effective in 2021 and beyond.

1. Create a Sense of Urgency
A report by Experian found that conveying a sense of urgency in promotional emails doubled sales, and the same strategy can be applied to text messaging. This strategy is most effective if you remind customers right before deals end.

2. Have Some Fun
MMS enables you to send pictures, GIFs, emojis, and more. Try using a lighter tone and fun emojis to connect with your customers and grab their attention.

3. Try Sending at Different Times
Competition for inbox space is strong, especially on big holidays. Try sending your messages at varying times to test what works best with your audience. Many brands send messages between 12-2, so sending your texts in the morning or late afternoon may help you stand out. 

4. Start the Sale Early
Another way to avoid competing with every other company for attention is to start your sale a few days ahead of major shopping holidays. Shoppers will be more motivated to grab their items before they’re sold out, and you’ll be ahead of the competition.

5. Mark Calendars
Build excitement for your holiday sales by teasing some of the best discounts ahead of time. Customers will mark their calendars to get them before they’re gone.

6.  Surprise!
While sending out early reminders is a great strategy, using the element of surprise can also be effective. Surprising customers with last-minute sales generates excitement and also plays off the sense of urgency. 

7. Deals on Deals
What’s better than a discount? A discount on top of a discount! Use SMS to retarget website visitors with an additional discount to lower cart abandonment.

8. Take the Opportunity to Build a Relationship
Every marketer knows that the ultimate goal is to acquire loyal customers. With major shopping days like Black Friday, consumers may take advantage of the best deals without feeling truly connected to your brand. Try sending a follow up text message to keep them coming back!

9. Make an Emotional Appeal 
Text messaging is a more personal channel of communication than email or advertising. Many brands leverage this fact to create a more relatable image. Emotional appeals, like language about “treating yourself” or the less glamorous aspects of the holiday season (like cooking), are a great way to make customers feel closer.

10. Sit it Out
Depending on your brand’s values, it may make more sense to send a message restating your company purpose rather than taking part in major consumer holidays. Patagonia is one example of a brand that famously sat out Black Friday and gained more respect from loyal customers!

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