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2019 EDMAs winners profile – Social, Search Marketing and Integrated Awards

Tyrone Stewart

With the winners of the 2019 Effective Digital Marketing Awards now revealed, over the next few days, we are profiling the winners in each category. Today we look at the winners of the Most Effective Social Campaign, Search Marketing Campaign and Integrated Campaign Awards.

Most Effective Social Campaign
Samsung and Ketchum – #MakeChange with Samsung Campaign
Samsung wanted to drive awareness of and demand for its Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Note9, and Galaxy Tab S4 amongst female millennials, a demographic found to be often overlooked for electronic gadgets.

Ketchum and Samsung labelled female millennials as being ‘Change Makers’, due to their habit of seeking out trending stories and trusted creators for inspiration and information in the little time they have, while choosing vloggers over celebrities.

To latch on to this idea, six influencers with large numbers of millennial followers were selected and invited to #MakeChange with Samsung. Each influencer was given a different challenge dependent on using the Samsung products in ways that would effortlessly blend in with their style and content, while driving conversation around the gadgets on social media.

Influencers involved in the campaign included Cat Meffan, Sammi Maria, Lewys Ball, Niomi Smart, Mo The Comedian, and Mother Pukka.

The #MakeChange campaign increased visits to the Samsung UK website by 479 per cent during the campaign period. It also resulted in 35m earned impressions and over 113m paid impressions, resulting in an average CPV of £0.02. There was a four per cent higher engagement rate than the industry benchmark, 70 organic social media posts, and five times the average clicks to the website versus product-only content.

The campaign was chosen for the award thanks to its “good audience insight and aligned execution. Nice use of influencers and use of content across multiple social channels.”

Most Effective Search Marketing Campaign
Superdrug Online Doctor and NMPi – The Only Way Is Up
Unfortunately, we are not allowed to publish the vast majority of this campaign’s background, but it was a multichannel search campaign for an over-the-counter Viagra product. The judges said it was “Super clever and aggressive against the competition”, liking that they adapted their strategy to meet the insights they saw and achieved impressive results.

Most Effective Integrated Campaign
Sphero and Nuuk Digital – Sphero RVR Integrated Campaign
For this campaign, I can give a little more detail, yet still not the full picture. Firstly, the Sphero RVR is a programmable robot. So, that’s that.

The campaign took place in three stages built around Sphero’s Kickstarter campaign for the RVR. The first stage – which took place between day one and three of the campaign – looked to drive awareness of the product across Google Search and Display and YouTube ads, while driving traction and buzz in order to trend on Kickstarter. This also involved running creative and targeting tests across all types of channels to identify potential areas of scaling. Furthermore, the first stage saw the generation of a list of 35 highly relevant audiences to target with a variation of creatives to test whether lifestyle or product imaging will be better and testing five different headlines on Facebook and Instagram.

The second stage, between day four and 25, focused on education about main USPs and campaign milestones through retargeting cross-channels while still building top funnel and terminating new acquisition channels that did not perform well based on main KPIs and scaling the channels that perform well.

The third and final stage, between day 25 and 30, looked at creating a sense of urgency and converting a big per cent of the generated user funnel while pushing last-chance messaging, with a specific focus on 48 hours and 24 hours left pushes.

The only result that can be disclosed is that the campaign drove an increase in brand searches online and press/influencer mentions. Nonetheless, the judges felt the campaign was “smartly put together, with a lot of emphasis on the detail which had delivered excellent results above the KPIs”.