2020 Award Winners: Ad Campaign, Anti-fraud Solution and App Install Campaign categories

David Murphy

The winners of the 2020 Effective Mobile Marketing Awards were announced at a virtual Awards Ceremony last Friday. Over the next few days, we’re taking a closer look at the winner in each category, continuing today with the winners of the Most Effective Advertising Campaign, Most Effective Anti-fraud Solution, and Most Effective App Install Campaign categories…

Most Effective Advertising Campaign
SEAT and S4M – S4M Drives SEAT to Stand Out in a Crowded Automotive Market
For this campaign, S4M identified those customers who, with the right prompting, could be driven to visit a dealership. But instead of targeting all consumers looking to buy a new car, S4M identified distinct audiences who matched the profile of the brand’s best-selling car models using lifestyle and demographic data. By only interacting with those particular car buyers, S4M would improve the return on ad spend for SEAT by reducing the number of irrelevant ads displayed to shoppers.

S4M used video as a to forge stronger, long-term ties with customers. The company’s in-house creative team designed 20 different rich media ad formats to drive consumers to SEAT’s showrooms. These includes video and animated interstitials; video and animated mid-page units; and animated banners. To help buyers find their way to dealerships, each ad unit incorporated a map displaying the nearest SEAT showroom. With just one tap, shoppers could access driving or walking directions to the dealership.

Throughout the campaign, S4M used its Dynamic Catchment Area geolocation technology to target areas with a high saturation of potential car buyers within an optimal travel time to dealerships. S4M overlaid this with its GeoAccuracy tool – a filter that isolates and excludes suspicious geolocation data from campaigns, ensuring the campaign targets real consumers around true location points. S4M also leveraged third party visitation data from trusted partners Kairos and Adsquare to independently measure visits to dealerships.

The campaign delivered outstanding results, most notably, a 16 per cent increase in new dealership visits attributable directly to the campaign and a mouth-watering €1.83m of incremental revenue for the brand. Impressive, by anyone’s standards.

Judges' View: "The results truly speak for themselves in this campaign. It is such a challenge to run performance-based campaigns for the auto industry and this is just the perfect case study of how it can be done. It was incredibly effective in driving footfall and significant incremental revenue."

Most Effective Anti-fraud Solution
TrafficGuard – Game-changing Mobile Ad Fraud Prevention
Ad fraud is a major issue for advertisers on mobile. The money lost is an issue, of course, since the portion of ad spend that is lost to fraud never delivers value to the business. But it’s not the only one. When ad fraud inflates advertising metrics, performance data is polluted, and the ability to optimise campaigns is compromised

Most legacy tools detect ad fraud after it has occurred, which can help recover ad spend but won't address any of the indirect costs discussed above. With legacy tools, the only way for advertisers to recover lost ad spend is by manually reconciling install volumes with their supply partners at billing time – a time-consuming and error-prone practice.

TrafficGuard is different. It has been purpose-built from the ground up to mitigate ad fraud in real-time, stopping ad fraud before it infiltrates campaigns. By doing so, TrafficGuard stems the flow of funds to the perpetrator, making the practice of ad fraud less attractive, thereby creating a safer environment for businesses advertising online. Users include brands, mobile apps, advertising agencies, ad networks and other advertising intermediaries across web and mobile traffic.

Rather than operating at single stages and evaluating traffic from the outside, TrafficGuard sits within the advertising journey, analysing impressions, clicks, installs, and post-install events as they occur.
This full-funnel coverage also means that at any point, TrafficGuard has an accumulation of data points to base validation on, speeding up diagnosis and strengthening mitigation at each stage.

TrafficGuard has also built its own machine learning model that consumes more than 3 trillion data points per month across different campaigns, verticals and geographies to build profiles and perform predictive modelling, identifying emerging patterns, trends and indicators of fraud quickly and reliably. Over 200 indicators of fraud are used to surgically remove instances of invalid traffic, whilst protecting valid traffic volumes. In the last 12 months alone TrafficGuard has invalidated over 12 billion transactions.

Judges’ View: “This is a very sophisticated and comprehensive solution with evidence of great results. Love the fact that they are preventing fraud before it happens rather than reporting on it after the fact.”

Most Effective App Install Campaign
Akbank and Hype – Tosla: the Generation T
Targeting Gen Y and Z via advertising is a tough ask, given their sceptical attitude towards advertising. That was the challenge facing Akbank’s Tosla electronic money transfer platform, looking to reach young people who did not yet have a bank account.

To meet the challenge, Akbank and its agency hype created a campaign in four stages: Observation, Teaching, Practice and Fun. In the Observation part, they analysed the digital behaviour of their target audience on Facebook and Google Ads to see when they interacted with ads the most. In the Teaching part, they introduced them to the benefits of e-pin purchases on the Tosla App via programmatic ads. In the Practice part, they invited them to experience the Tosla money transfer platform, without needing to install the app, using Facebook’s Playable Ads format. Then in the Fun section of the campaign, Akbank linked the idea of having fun with the benefits of Tosla in the target audience’s mind via performance marketing ads on Tiktok and in gaming apps.

Taking the initial week-long Observation stage of the campaign as a reference point, Akbank reduced its Registration Cost Per acquisition (CPA) by 20 per cent. It made the trending lists of the Finance section of both Google Play and the Apple App Store twice in three months, triggering an 11 per cent uplift effect in organic installs. Install costs dropped to 50 cents per install, and by the start of 2020, after just three months, Akbank has clocked up 1m installs and 250,000 registered new users of the Tosla app. Stunning results.
This campaign also took the award for the Most Effective Performance Marketing Campaign.

Judges’ View: “This is a very strong entry blending best practice full funnel execution with innovative formats to capture an audience that was not initially engaged.”