70 Per Cent of Britons Worried Internet of Things will Bring More Malfunctions

Tim Maytom

Cracked Broken Smashed Phone Screen70 per cent of UK consumers are concerned that an increase in the number of connected devices in the home will lead to more malfunctions and errors in everyday items.

The figure comes from research by KPMG into UK consumer attitudes towards the Internet of Things, and also showed that 58 per cent of consumers resent the idea that computers run every aspect of their lives in contemporary society.

Privacy and surveillance culture were big concerns, with 56 per cent concerned about the 'Big Brother' effect of everyday objects gathering data, and the pace with which they were being introduced onto the market. 36 per cent felt that employers were now able to monitor their every action while at work now.

However, respondents also recognised the benefits of the Internet of Things, with 48 per cent welcoming the idea of smart meters to save energy and money, 40 per cent happy to use health wearables to track their fitness and warn about impending illness, and 46 per cent ready to use security systems to monitor their property while away from home.

"It is clear that consumers are struggling with a desire to use connected devices as a route towards an easier life, but they remain wary of the rise of the machine," said Wil Rockall, director at KPMG's Cyber Security practice. "They still support innovation, recognising that in the right environment having the latest technology is key – nearly 60 per cent acknowledge that technology makes us more effective at our job."