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EE Considering Network-wide Ad Blocking

Alex Spencer

EE Olaf SwanteeUK operator EE is reportedly considering the introduction of mobile ad blocking on its network.

“For EE, this is not about ad blocking, but about starting an important debate around customer choice, controls and the level of ads customers receive,” CEO Olaf Swantee told The Telegraph. “This is an important debate that needs to happen soon. That’s why we’ve kicked off a strategic review internally to start considering our plans.”

Under the review, EE will consider tools it could offer to subscribers, enabling them to control the volume of advertising they see on the mobile web and in apps.

Notably, the operator doesn't seem interested in a complete blanket ban on ads, as first threatened by Shine Technologies back in May of this year, and subsequently introduced by Jamaican telco Digicel in October.

“Not all ads are bad,” said Swantee. “When a business gets it right, it’s appreciated and sparks a connection. But when it’s intrusive or crass it can drive people crazy.”