TikTok launches education-focused brand campaign

Tyrone Stewart

TikTok has launched a campaign dedicated entirely to the educational content that can be found on its app – and it’s voiced by Stephen Fry.

The ‘A-Z of TikTok’ brand campaign features user generated content from creators such as @takeongravity, who explores the physics behind aeronautics; @floriangadsby, who provides pottery tips; and @mattadlard, who explains how to make meringues.

The campaign – which runs for four weeks across TV and outdoor locations in the UK – follows the launch of #LearnonTikTok earlier this year, where the app invested €13M across Europe to work with public figures, media publishers, educational institutions, and professional experts to develop educational content. Since launching the initiative in June, TikTok has welcomed more than 800 partners.

“We announced LearnOnTikTok in June 2020 and the response from our community has been incredible. In just a matter of months TikTok has evolved dramatically into a place that nurtures and grows a diverse range of educational creators and learning content, from bitesize cooking tutorials to sign language demos and sporting tricks to lessons in astrophysics,” said Rich Waterworth, General Manager of TikTok UK.

“TikTok is no longer a platform you go to just for entertainment, it's a place to learn something new, acquire new skills, be inspired to do something you've never done before or connect with others over a new interest. Our new 'A-Z of TikTok' brand campaign is a celebration of the breath of creative and entertaining educational content that's unique to TikTok.”

Alongside its latest brand campaign, TikTok has begun trialling a ‘Learn’ feed within its app this week. This feed hosts educational content alongside the ‘For You’ and ‘Following’ feeds.