Adobe joins forces with PushSpring to offer mobile data and insights

Tyrone Stewart

App-based mobile audience platform PushSpring and Adobe have partnered to provide PushSpring’s data and insights to Adobe Audience Manager customers.

PushSpring provides advertisers and publishers with mobile app audience data for ‘more than 200m unique devices in the US and Canada’. Meanwhile, Adobe Audience Manager enables marketers to manage first-party audience data, analyse first- and third-party data combinations, and build audience profiles ‘for activation across any digital channel’. The combination of the two data sets is aimed creating ‘high-value audience segments for customer analytics and ad targeting’.

"The addition of PushSpring to the Adobe Audience Marketplace further enables mobile-focused marketers to manage and activate audiences across whichever marketing channel they prefer," said Richard Phillips, senior manager of business development, Adobe. "The industry has begun to recognize the value of starting with mobile originated data in the form of mobile IDs for cross-device audience activation.”

The partnership will also mean Adobe joining the activation partners accessible to PushSpring’s customers through its Audience Console.