The Future of Mobile

Adsquare Launches Mobile-first Audience Management Platform

Tim Maytom

adsquare_mechanicsMobile audience data firm Adsquare has announced the launch of a new self-service audience management platform for advertisers that aims to put marketers in charge with full controls and transparency when it comes to managing data.

The tool enables marketers to create and combine data points from a vast array of trusted data partners and then seamlessly activate them via their preferred buying platform, providing a more effective cross-platform solution for reaching consumers.

"In today's programmatic environment, data is as important as media itself," said Sebastian Doerfel, COO at Adsquare. "The addition of mobile and offline data creates new challenges for advertisers. Our Audience Management Platform enables advertisers to effectively navigate the tsunami of data that's available for mobile programmatic advertising and provides marketers a truly holistic view of their customer."

Adsquare was founded in 2012 with a view to creating an audience targeting solution that worked in the cookie-less mobile ecosystem, and has matured to a sophisticated big data firm, encompassing mobile, online and offline on-boarding capabilities.

The company has also signed on a number of top quality data providers in order to strengthen its existing data portfolio for mobile audiences, including Acxiom, Eventful, The Weather Channel and Experian.

"Acxiom connects data independent of channel and device with the goal to reach the customer and to optimise their experience," said Carsten Diepenbrock, managing director of Acxiom Germany. "On-boarding this via platforms like Adsquare fuels the programmatic advertising ecosystem and unlocks untapped revenues streams."