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Amazon launches cloud-based, header bidding solution in Europe

Tyrone Stewart

AmazonAmazon has launched an ad marketplace in Europe to provide digital content owners and app developers with a cloud-based, server-side header bidding solution.

The Transparent Ad Marketplace (TAM) comes from Amazon’s Publisher Services, which it launched in the US in December 2016 as an evolution of its header bidding solution across web, mobile, and video. It has now launched in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain.

TAM limits header bidding to a single client-side ad call, with the auction and ad selection happening in the cloud. It requires a one-time integration, and publishers can activate additional supply side platforms (SSPs) without having to alter code or their ad server.

“When we started offering header bidding several years ago, we quickly saw there were clear publisher, advertiser and customer benefits in moving ad calls to the cloud and giving publishers full visibility into who’s bidding on their impressions, who’s winning, and why,” said Matt Battles, VP of advertising technology at Amazon. “We built Amazon Publisher Services and our Transparent Ad Marketplace around these core tenets of transparency, operational simplicity, and a better user experience – and this continues to be our focus as we expand to Europe.”