Apple wants to turn the iPhone into a hub for all your medical information

Tyrone Stewart

Apple HealthApple is reportedly in talks with developers, hospitals and other medical industry groups with the intention of making the iPhone the hub for all your health and medical information.

The tech giant has a secret team within its health unit that is looking to bring clinical data, such as detailed lab results and allergy lists, to the iPhone – according to a report from CNBC, citing six people familiar with the team.

Apple is also said to be looking to acquire startups within the cloud hosting space that may fit into the plan.

The move into healthcare records would be a deviation from Apple’s previous attempts in the sector, which have leant toward fitness and wellness. For instance, Apple’s Healthkit focuses on health and activity data.

The problem with Apple’s plans to put all your medical records in one place is that many healthcare providers don’t share patient data between each other, and even when shared can’t be done easily. This leads to many mistakes and missed diagnoses within the industry due to the breakdown in communication, and Apple will have an uphill struggle to bring all sections of the industry on to the same page.

Last August, Apple acquired health tech firm Gliimpse, which helps translate medical data into more understandable terminology for humans and machines. This technology aims to make it easier for patients to manage their own personal data, and could play a key part in Apple’s goals.