AppLift Buys Bidstalk

David Murphy

[caption id="attachment_54323" align="alignleft" width="150"]Applift Tim Koschella: "Bidstalk's technology is in a league of its own"[/caption]

App marketing platform AppLift has acquired Bidstalk, a self-service, white-label, mobile DSP (Demand Side Platform), based in Singapore, for an undisclosed sum. Bidstalk's proprietary programmatic offering enables marketers to buy RTB-traded mobile inventory on a self-serve basis.

The acquisition gives AppLift's clients access to Bidstalk's technology infrastructure, which is now integrated into its mobile user acquisition platform, DataLift. AppLift said the combination of Bidstalk's real-time bidding capabilities with the DataLift data-management and optimization layer will enhance AppLift's overall offering for a wide array of app advertisers.

The acquisition gives advertisers access to more than 50 programmatic mobile display, video, and native SSPs (Supply Side Platforms), exchanges, and further supply sources, all integrated with the platform on a global level.

"We looked for a company whose RTB capacities could best complement and empower our performance-focused demand stack,” said AppLift CEO and co-founder, Tim Koschella. “Bidstalk's technology is in a league of its own, with an efficiency and a scalability far above all other companies we have looked at in that space. We are now able to unleash the full potential of DataLift, the world's first programmatic platform fully optimized for mobile performance."