BBC debuts immersive horror audio drama for Halloween

Tyrone Stewart

The BBC has released an immersive audio drama which uses the listener’s connected devices to create the experience, rather than the listener being plugged in via headphones. Monster, the third immersive audio trial on BBC Taster, follows on from 1927’s Decameron Nights and Pick A Part with the BBC Philharmonic.

The 30-minute drama requires listeners to connect at least two devices and position them as per the instructions on the experience. The experience turns everyday devices – such as phones, tablets, and laptops – into connected loudspeakers, adapting based on how many devices are connected.

BBC R&D’s previous trials were designed to work in stereo and the experiences could be augmented by adding extra devices, Monster, on the other hand, requires at least two devices from the off.

Arriving ahead of Halloween, Monster, as you’d expect, is part of the horror genre. Written by award-winning playwright Brad Birch, it tells the tale of a mother and daughter caught up in a paranormal event.

“Horror is a whole-body experience. It is the perfect genre for pushing the boundaries of what is possible in an audio experience,” said Birch. “Thanks to this brilliant technology, the audience exists alongside the characters within the story. So, when the world turns upside down for the characters, it happens for the audience too.”

You can check out the drama here