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BMW Dominated UK Facebook 360 in 2016

Tyrone Stewart

BMW Facebook 360BMW had three of the top 10 UK Facebook 360 videos, by number of interactions, in 2016. According to Socialbakers, the top 360 video of the year was BMW UK’s ‘Driving Experiences’ video – which achieved 14,872 interactions last year.

The German automaker also holds the third and tenth spots, while the rest of the list is made up of Cadbury, EE, Xbox UK, Thomson Holidays, John Lewis, EasyJet and Renault UK.

Socialbakers attributes the success of BMW, using Facebook’s 360 feature, to immersive storytelling, the ability to tap into people’s desire for ‘adventurous, luxurious and refined experiences’, and its exclusive partnerships with the likes of McLaren.

“360 videos take the audience a step beyond standard video content, bringing them into the experience and getting them closer to the brand. BMW does this brilliantly,” said Moses Velasco, VP of product & chief strategist at Socialbakers. “The brand doesn’t just report on a race, it puts the audience in the driving seat and ensures its 360 videos capture all the action from the most exciting perspectives possible.

“BMW knows which content to boost and is using a combination of organic and paid to maximise ROI. If the content works well organically, it will perform well once promoted and BMW boosted its high quality 360 content to great effect, helping to secure three out of the 10 top spots in 2016.”