Brand management firm Frontify raises $8.3m

Tim Maytom

Switzerland-based startup Frontify has raised $8.3m (£6.36m) to power its brand management platform. The round was led by Blossom Capital, a new London-based venture capital firm co-founded by ex-Index and LocalGlobe venture capitalist Ophelia Brown.

Founded in 2013 by chief technical officer Roger Dudler, Frontify is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) firm that enables companies to manage their branding in a more consistent and efficient way. Employees gain access to an 'always up-to-date' brand portal that incorporates a media library, pattern library and style guides.

Frontify's platform is primarily aimed at marketing and branding teams but includes access for designers and software engineers, ensuring that all relevant team members can collaborate internally on branded products and media.

"To manage a brand properly in today's fast-moving world requires a holistic approach," said Andreas Fischler, CEO of Frontify. "It's more than just properly managing digital assets. At Frontify, we want to remove every barrier, providing entire brand worlds at the tips of every employees' fingers. Our vision is to encourage both small and global brands to grow stronger, by enabling them to create enduring, consistent brand experiences.

"With this new funding, we're able to profoundly improve our products, presenting our vision of simplified brand management to new markets. Right now, we're working on a new publishing tool which combines the creation of marketing materials with our all-in-one branding software. This will enable even more users, across different areas of a business, to see the benefits of using Frontify right across their organisation - creating brand-consistent content."

The funding will also be used to open a new office in New York as Frontify attempts to expand into the US, as well as additional markets in Europe and Latin America.  Frontify's previous seed investors include Doodle co-founder Myke Naef, former Google executive Thomas Duebendorfer and Cédric Waldburger of Tenderloin Ventures.

"So many companies around the world have inconsistent branding and it damages their reputation with consumers," said Ophelia Brown. "We think that Frontify has fast become to go-to brand management platform and will further establish its market-leading position over the next five years."