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BT scraps mobile data charges for Oak National Academy after doing same for BBC Bitesize

Tyrone Stewart

BT has followed up its on its deal with the BBC to remove mobile data charges from Bitesize content by agreeing to do the same for the Oak National Academy, which offers nearly 10,000 free lessons and resources.

With the addition of the second partnership, EE, BT Mobile, and Plusnet Mobile customers will – by the end of the month – be able to access lessons in Oak National Academy’s virtual classroom or on BBC Bitesize without having to worry about their mobile data.

It’s all part of BT’s ‘Lockdown Learning’ support scheme, where the telecoms giant is working with the Department for Education to ensure that school children can learn online while schools are closed as part of the UK’s latest lockdown.

“We’re rapidly boosting our ‘Lockdown Learning’ support scheme by zero rating access to BBC Bitesize and now Oak National Academy for all our mobile customers,” said Marc Allera, CEO of BT Group’s consumer division. “Our inclusive support package means families that need it most can get help to keep learning, with unlimited data, free access to our 5m wi-fi hotspots and now free access to the two most popular educational resources.

“And to make sure that we are keeping children across the whole of the UK connected, we’re also asking Ministers in Wales, Scotland and NI to work with us on offering Unlimited data for eligible customers, as well as potential zero rating of other regionalised educational resources.”