Bubbl launches Bubbl Lite to serve the SME market

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Disruptive mobile marketing platform, Bubbl, has launched a self-serve product, Bubbl Lite, designed with the small business community in mind. This news follows a significant funding round at the world’s first hypermobile, ‘out of app’ marketing platform.

Bubbl delivers relevant, situation-specific content and offers to app users, driving engagement and delivering ROI thanks to dynamic, context-based messaging across push notifications, video or audio content surveys and mCommerce and using a variety of contextual triggers, including geofencing.

Bubbl Lite brings a new dimension to mobile app marketing efforts – mass market access and an affordable entry price point. It is very easily integrated into existing tech stacks and, priced at around £69 a month, is relevant to any business seeking to engage and retain its app audience and build a community. It is designed to scale as a business grows its app user base and helps to generate loyalty and new potential revenue in a GDPR-compliant way, driving customer engagement and great customer service experiences, even during a downturn.

This launch brings Bubbl’s disruptive tech to a wider range of clients across sectors such as retail, entertainment and leisure, travel and transport, and events, and with a huge gap in easy-to-use digital marketing tools for mobile app users, has potential to become the go-to mobile marketing platform for app owners. Click here for a pre launch sign up.

“Our fast-growing team is delighted to bring Bubbl Lite to business owners at a time when the market needs this more than ever,” said Bubbl CEO and Founder, Jo Eckersley. “Small businesses are underserved when it comes to accessible, cost-effective mobile marketing solutions, and our technology marries the largely untapped power of hypertargeted content with real world context. It connects brands and businesses with their consumers, and dramatically improves engagement and mobile marketing impact. This is thanks to our location-based and privacy-safe technologies, designed to help businesses of all shapes and sizes to reach audiences and break boundaries with relevant content.”