Buzzfeed launches Tasty One Top induction hob to complement Tasty app

David Murphy

Publisher BuzzFeed has launched the Tasty One Top, a $149 (£114), Bluetooth-enabled induction cooktop designed to support its new Tasty app for the iPhone. The device ships in November, with pre-orders being taken now at www.tastyonetop.com.

Designed by BuzzFeed Product Labs and brought to life with the help of GE Appliance’s First Build team, the One Top looks like a nifty piece of kit, especially in the way it synchs with the app. It sits on the work surface, proving a 1500w induction hob on which the user places their pan.

If they are using a recipe from the Tasty app, the One Top will set itself to the correct temperature and cook the ingredients for the right amount of time, alerting the cook when it’s time to turn the meat, add more ingredients or whatever.

The Tasty brand is two years old next Monday, while the Tasty iPhone app features almost 1,700 video recipes. An Android version is due soon. Tasty now reaches one in four Facebook users worldwide and attracts 2.3bn video views every month, according to Tubular Labs.

“Tasty’s strong brand and massive fan base give it almost limitless avenues for expansion, from cookbooks to licensing to consumer tech, and we’re excited to take a new big step with the One Top, a product that has the potential to truly make precision cooking widely accessible,” said Ben Kaufman, head of BuzzFeed Product Labs.

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