Caffè Nero Creates Responsive Website to Accompany US Launch

Tim Maytom

CaffeNero-TableCaffè Nero opened its first US branch earlier this month, and to accompany its entrance to this new market, has created a responsive website to build brand awareness.

Working with digital creative agency Delete, it has designed the site with a mobile-first approach enabling people to easily locate the store and detailing what makes it stand apart from its competitors. The website, unlike the current UK site, is designed as a responsive single page meant to introduce customers to European café culture, showcase Caffè Nero's approach to coffee houses, and balance utility with brand philosophy.

"We were looking for a simple but impactful approach that felt elegant, premium and focused. It's easy to say a lot and waffle, hard to say a little and only what counts – we have come from wanting to say everything and cram our site full of information, into crafting a site that led on visuals and little copy" said Karen Kidd, head of brand at Caffè Nero. "Delete pushed this through all the way and made us think differently and we couldn't have done it without them."

The new store, opened in the centre of Boston, Massachusetts, marks the sixth territory outside the UK the company operates in, and it already has plans to expand further across the Boston area in the coming years.