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Callaway turns to augmented reality to showcase MAVRIK drivers and irons

David Murphy

Callaway Golf is using augmented reality (AR) to showcase the features of its new MAVRIK line of drivers and irons. The range also includes fairway woods and hybrids, but these were not part of the AR promotion. The company worked with Dallas-based Groove Jones to develop the AR experience.

AR was integrated to support the product launch in over 1,200 US stores where golfers shop. Signage at the front of the store entrance showcased the MAVRIK product along with a ‘Trade-In Bonus’ promotion and a QR Code marker on all of promotional materials. Signage was also placed in and around the fitting bays and the retail product shelves.

In larger stores with fitting bays, the promotion drove customers to demo the MAVRIK Standard, MAVRIK MAX, and MAVRIK Sub-Zero driver against any driver in the store. Customers who took part in a fitting received a custom-made MAVRIK ball-marker which also included a QR-Code to activate the AR experience. Customers were instructed to scan the QR Code or use AR.CallawayGolf.com to activate the AR experience with no app download required.

The AR experience allowed potential buyers to explore the design and composition of the club they are looking at through a 360-degree AR view, with the visuals complemented by written tech specs.

“We wanted to show the features of the new MAVRIK Driver and Irons in a compelling way,” said Pete Avery, director of retail marketing at Callaway Golf. “AR allowed us to highlight all the technology inside the new MAVRIK line of products in an exciting new way.”