Cameo acquires direct-to-fan engagement and marketing platform, Represent

David Murphy
Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of many celebs on Represent's platform

Cameo, the app that lets its users dial up personalised celebrity calls and video messages to celebrate friends' and family members’ special occasions, has acquired Represent, a marketing and merchandising platform that builds direct-to-fan brands for top celebrities and creators.

Since its launch in 2014, Represent has shipped over 4m products to customers in more than 165 countries, created over $170m in brand value for talent and partners, and helped raise more than $30m for charity through client contributions. The company has established itself as a leading merchandising partner for standout cultural moments including the recent Friends reunion, and has worked with talent including Jennifer Lopez, Ed Sheeran, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matthew McConaughey, Kendall Jenner, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Cameo said the acquisition will expand and diversify Cameo’s its talent pool; introduce new ways for talent and fans to connect; establish new revenue opportunities for talent on the platform; and provide the Cameo community with a new way to fundraise for non-profit organizations.

It added that integrating Represent’s talent roster and full-stack commerce offerings will offer fans the chance to connect with even more of their favourite stars on Cameo, and that further down the line, it sees an opportunity to let fans buy gift bundles, including both a personalized Cameo and signature talent merchandise.

“We’re extremely excited to welcome Dan, Bobby, & the Represent team to the Cameo Fameo,” said Cameo Co-founder and CEO, Steven Galanis. “The new capabilities greatly expand Cameo’s value proposition to fans and talent alike. This acquisition brings us another step closer to realizing our mission and vision, and expands Cameo’s market leadership in direct-to-fan monetization.”

In the near term, Cameo said it is focused on ensuring long-term growth and cultural alignment between Cameo and Represent, so Represent will continue to operate as it does today. Cameo expects to begin integrating Represent’s merch capabilities into the Cameo experience in 2022; at which point, merch will become a native part of Cameo for fans and talent alike.