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Cancer charity Clic Sargent launches #ChallengeImpossible streaming fundraising campaign

David Murphy

CLIC Sargent, a leading UK charity for young cancer patients, has launched a #ChallengeImpossible campaign in support of its ‘Player Vs Cancer’ initiative aimed at streamers – a popular activity for children with cancer. The launch comes at a time where CLIC is forecasting a 60 per cent fall in income over the next six months.

The campaign, created by Fox & Hare, involves 10 “brutal, unbeatable, impossible challenges” that have been created for some of the most popular gaming genres to raise money for the charity.

Gamers will be asked if they have the dedication, cred and skill to beat any of them, and then stream their attempts on Twitch to raise money for fellow gamers, streamers, and players who have been facing the impossible task of living with cancer during the pandemic.

“Like many charities across the UK, CLIC Sargent is facing an unprecedented challenge due to the current pandemic,” said Luke Mallett, Director of Income and Engagement at CLIC Sargent. “Our income is falling and our usual fundraising methods and activities have been put on hold. Very quickly we have had to take our fundraising online and develop new ways of fundraising with initiatives such as Player Vs Cancer.

“It’s been great working with the team at Fox & Hare on #ChallengeImpossible. We can’t thank them enough for everything they’ve done and the many hours of work they’ve put into it. This is new territory for us, so their time and expertise has been invaluable. They’ve really brought Challenge Impossible and the campaign around it to life, and I can’t wait to see how Gamers get on with their challenges.”

All streamer donations must be made through Tiltify, which uses interactive fundraising features directly into its Twitch broadcasts, streamlining the donation process and making it easier for streamers to mobilize and engage donors. 

Anyone outside the streaming community who wishes to donate can do so here.