Case study: GlobeAir integrates Tyntec’s WhatsApp Business Solutions

Alyssa Clementi

GlobeAir, a European provider of on-demand private jet charter flights, partnered with Tyntec’s WhatsApp Business Solution to increase revenue while also improving customer experience and personalization. As a result of the collaboration, GlobeAir saw a 27 per cent increase in sales leads, a 20 per cent jump in last-minute flight bookings, and a 225 per cent increase in average speed of first answers to clients.

Before the partnership, GlobeAir had set a goal to enhance the customer experience by using a safe and private way to message and complete monetary transactions to clients. GlobeAir then integrated Tyntec’s API for WhatsApp Business into its existing Slack platform, which allowed agents to optimize scheduling, availability, pricing, and more.

Both external and internal communications were made smoother and safer, as the Slack integration allowed GlobeAir customer service employees to receive and send quick one-way notifications for bookings alerts and payments. The platform also allowed employees or a chatbot to respond to customer inquiries within 24 hours or less.

“Since we started using WhatsApp, I’ve been doing an experiment with our clients. When we have a new contact and they approach us in a formal channel like email or by phone, I reach out using WhatsApp, to see their reaction. They always respond by WhatsApp, and it’s fantastic. It’s immediate engagement,” said Bernhard Fragner, GlobeAir CEO.

Additionally, by using Tyntec’s WhatsApp Business Solution, GlobeAir was able to implement new security and safety protocol by using verification badges, two-factor authentication, end-to-end encryption to protect conversations, and auto-deleting select messages after a certain period of time.

“In our competitive industry, we always try to be one step ahead. Especially during peak season, a quick and clear communication with our clients is important to avoid errors and provide the smoothest experience. We found out that WhatsApp is the primary messaging channel our clients love, so without asking them to switch channels, we have the perfect setup for secure communication. Thanks to Tyntec’s outstanding capabilities and technical support, our time-to-market was much faster than expected, making it possible to provide a better WhatsApp experience for our customers in less than two weeks!” commented Johannes Skrivanek, head of digital marketing at GlobeAir.