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Cheaper 8GB iPhone 5C Launches in Europe

Alex Spencer

iPhone 5CApple has launched an 8GB version of the iPhone 5C in Europe, priced at £429 - £60 less than the 16GB version which originally went on sale last September.

The 5C's launch was the first time Apple had released two handsets simultaneously, and reports suggest that 5C sales haven't lived up to those of the iPhone 5. Before it was unveiled, the speculation around the 5C was that it would act as a cheaper, entry-level iPhone - and while even at this new pricepoint the 5C is hardly low-cost, it might stand a better chance of finding its niche with consumers.

Apple has also reintroduced the iPad with Retina display, the fourth-generation tablet, which was discontinued after the introduction of the iPad Air. With a pricepoint starting at £329 for the wi-fi version, the move again points towards Apple trying to target a more price-sensitive audience.