Mobile will be involved in the gift buying process for most this Christmas

Tyrone Stewart

As we enter the holiday season, Christmas advertising is still as important as ever – but brands need to make sure they are targeting people in the right places.

According to research from OpenX, 60 per cent Christmas shopping will be completed online this year, while 54 per cent of shoppers will use a mobile device to help them buy gifts. Equally, 61 per cent of those surveyed own smart TVs and 27 per cent have ended their satellite and cable subscriptions, showing that reaching people on over-the-top services is likely to be more effective than linear TV – which is still the area we associate most with Christmas ads. Moreover, 54 per cent of streamers have paused programming to learn more about products advertised.

OpenX also found that millennials plan to spend an average of £501 this Christmas and will shop online for at least three hours a week. Fathers are the biggest spenders at Christmas, being 92 per cent more likely to purchase a big-ticket item and spend 222 per cent more on gifts for themselves. Therefore, capitalising on these audiences is key for brands.

“With Christmas such a crucial time for brands – and so much change underway in the advertising industry – marketers need more than ever to take notice of prevailing consumer trends,” said Gavin Stirrat, vice president of partner services at OpenX. “As the pull of digital grows ever greater, brands must embrace a range of ad strategies to ensure that campaigns remain targeted and effective, whilst delivering the very best user experience for consumers.”