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Circle of Family Life: Disney Launches Smart Wi-fi Hub

Alex Spencer

Circle DisneyDisney Interactive has partnered with Circle Media to launch 'Circle with Disney', a device that enables parents to control their children's internet usage.

The Circle pairs with a household's wi-fi router and detects all devices connected to it. Each can be given a profile, which allows the admin users – the parents – to limit daily screen time, set online curfews and filter content for each user individually. Using the Circle app, they can also monitor internet usage, or even temporarily suspend the internet entirely.

The Circle is a pre-existing product, but the Disney partnership will no doubt give it a much bigger real. It also resulted in the creation of the supplementary MyCircle app, which gives each user a dashboard to track their own usage, but also features a curated selection of content from Disney, customised to fit the age of that user.

“Increasingly, kids are interacting with Disney stories and characters across mobile and online devices, and Circle with Disney gives parents the tools to manage those experiences,” said Kyle Laughlin, SVP, Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media Labs. “As the leading producer of kids’ content, Disney is committed to helping parents find the digital lifestyle that works for their home, and Circle with Disney makes that possible.”

Disney will sell the Circle in its online store for $99.