Citipark adds digital season tickets to its app

David Murphy

Car park operator CitiPark has added digital season tickets to its CitiPark app, following a successful, month-long trial. The new feature enables customers to carry their season tickets electronically via their smartphone, removing the need for physical, plastic tickets.

Digital season tickets significantly improve the ease and efficiency of the parking process, both from an operational point of view and for the customer. From removing wait times to eliminating the hassle of dealing with lost cards, the new feature streamlines the service and makes parking easier.

On iPhones, the digital season ticket works in harness with an iBeacon feature which, working as a micro-location awareness tool, surfaces the users’ season ticket on the phone as they approach the car park, even in lock screen mode.
Users who don’t have season tickets can pay for their parking easily and quickly by scanning the QR code on their parking ticket. The app also has a pre-booking system that enables users to book their parking in advance at any car park and at any time. Customers can adjust their arrival time and length of stay with ease, or if their plans change unexpectedly, cancel their booking up until the parking session begins.