City AM joins The Ozone Project

Gabby Fernie

The Ozone Project - a digital advertising platform built for brands, by publishers - has announced City AM as the latest title to join the alliance. 

The addition of the business news brand presents a significant opportunity for Ozone’s advertising partners as a result of City AM’s professional, affluent and educated business audience.

This new partnership comes as City AM’s website traffic reaches record highs. Google Analytics data shows reaching 3.2m unique visitors in February, breaking three million for the first time with 125 per cent year on year growth. 

Ozone’s audience has expanded significantly in the past 18 months as it advances in its mission to create a scaled, brand-safe and transparent advertiser-led alternative to the major tech platforms.

The Ozone platform reaches over 99 per cent of the UK’s online adults every month. Almost 60 per cent of these visitors are seen every day, and almost 90 per cent every week.

With the addition of City AM, the platform is now powered by premium inventory from eleven leading UK publishers.

“As the Ozone platform continues to grow, we’re delighted to welcome high quality publishing partners who add great value to our advertiser proposition. With such a strong audience profile City AM is the epitome of this, particularly when combined with the stellar digital growth the brand has experienced over the past year. At Ozone we’re focused on creating a better digital future for both advertisers and publishers, and partnerships like this one will be central to its success” said CEO of The Ozone Project, Damon Reeve.