Conscious Advertising Network welcomes Havas

Tyrone Stewart

The Conscious Advertising Network (CAN) has welcomed its first global holding company to the coalition in the form of Havas Media Group.

Havas has pledged its commitment to CAN’s six best practice manifestos around Anti Ad-Fraud, Informed Consent, Diversity, Fake News, Hate Speech, and Children’s Wellbeing. The group has also put in place 10 of its own internal initiatives around these principles, including the development of processes at each stage of its operating system to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion, and an initiative for a more inclusive approach to brand safety.

“Joining the Conscious Advertising Network is a natural extension of our agency group mission to ‘make a meaningful difference to brands, business and people’. The CAN is a great initiative and we fully support their manifestos – as a global Media Agency Group we have to uphold the highest standards of ethics, diversity, equality and inclusion in the work we do, and joining the CAN is just one step we are taking to become more accountable,” said Peter Mears, Global CEO of Havas Media Group.

Havas is the latest big name to join the coalition, joining a few months after O2 became the first network operator to join and add an extra layer of support in combatting 5G misinformation in the process.