Corona's latest campaign aims to inspire Brits to enjoy the beauty of the UK outdoors

Tyrone Stewart

Corona, the popular Anheuser-Busch (AB) InBev beer brand, has launched a campaign to inspire people opting for a UK staycation this year.

In partnership with Culture Trip, the ‘Rediscover Paradise’ campaign features an online travel hub to provide inspiration and guidance on hidden gems to visit across the UK. In this hub, there will be a content series and interactive map highlighting beaches, sunset vistas, and little-known natural beauty spots for Brits to explore.

“Corona was born on the beach and believes that it’s the outdoors where our best side shines through, so after months of lockdown we want to inspire people to get out, disconnect and explore – safely, and with care,” said Liz Hemus, Marketing Manager at Corona.

“Our ‘Rediscover Paradise’ platform has been established to encourage people to safely take that first step in getting back to travel, starting with discovering the beauty of the UK.”

Alongside the content on Culture Trip, there will be a TV and digital advertising campaign, showing off some of the potential travel locations. And Corona will be offering hundreds of UK staycations through a trade promotion in Tesco, NISA, CostCutter, Booker and Parfetts.