Countable turns to Leanplum to drive multichannel messaging to US citizens at scale

David Murphy

Multichannel engagement platform Leanplum has released details of its work with civic technology company Countable in the US. Countable is using Leanplum’s platform to drive 36m civic interactions that have informed citizens and influenced legislative outcomes at federal, state and local level.

On issues such as civil rights, the economy, education and immigration, citizens across the political spectrum have strong opinions on a great many issues. However, government complexity and the difficulty of following representatives’ actions creates a disconnect between voters and the legislative issues relevant to them indicating that the democratic process is not scaling very well.

To combat this pressing issue, Countable is providing non-partisan, easy-to-understand summaries of legislative activities, based on each person’s interests. The platform also enables users to take action by sending their opinions to their representatives.

The average member of Congress represents between 800,000 and 1m people, depending on the size of his or her district, which makes it difficult to communicate and get an accurate read on the concerns of constituents. Countable is using Leanplum’s technology to better support the democratic process by communicating with millions of individuals on a more personal and actionable level.

Through its analytics and message testing tools, Leanplum has streamlined the ways Countable communicates with its users in real time, enabling it to create email and push notifications that feel personal to each user at scale. Leanplum’s analytics allow Countable to A/B elements such as keyword placement, emojis, rich notifications with imagery, time of day, communication channel and more, in order to optimise messages.

“Multichannel engagement is driving a new pattern of consumption for political news: the right message at the right time to the right person,” said Paul Stich, chief operating officer at Countable at Countable. “Technology has the power to decode government for citizens and improve democracy’s ability to scale. We chose Leanplum to drive our mission of empowering our users with the relevant legislative information they care about at the time and in the way that they want.”