deCarta Claims LBS Platform Dominance

David Murphy

deCarta, which supplies software and services for the Location-Based Services (LBS) industry, says that recent market data clearly demonstrates that it provides the enabling technology that powers the top applications among the largest US Wireless carriers including Verizon, Sprint Nextel and AT&T.
Nielsen Mobile, a division of The Nielsen Company, recently released its third quarter Mobile Application Report on usage and revenue from wireless applications. In Nielsen Mobiles report, LBS has grown to account for 58% of the total application revenue among the top four US wireless carriers, up from 51% the previous quarter. In this fast-growing market, 63% of LBS applications downloaded were running on deCartas technology. Furthermore, the company notes, these applications drove 90% of wireless LBS revenue at these carriers.
These results demonstrate and reaffirm deCartas dominance as the preferred provider of LBS software platforms, the company says. Among the companies using the deCarta platform for wireless LBS applications are market leaders including Networks In Motion, TeleNav, Wavemarket and Loopt.
Consumer demand and adoption of mobile LBS is rapidly accelerating, and underscores the market requirement for LBS application providers to create highly differentiated applications to capture consumer attention and market share, says J. Kim Fennell, President and CEO of deCarta. This recent study from Nielsen is a testament to the value deCartas platforms provide to our customers.
deCartas software platform gives LBS application developers the ability to quickly build applications that integrate a wide variety of map and data sources to provide complex mapping, routing and spatial search functions.
Delivering compelling applications to the consumer has enabled us to be the first to exceed two million paid mobile phone navigation subscribers, says Doug Antone, President and CEO of Networks In Motion. deCartas software platform allows us to focus on our client/server technology and other components involved in bringing to market successful LBS applications.