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Disney's ESPN streaming service will launch this spring, costing $4.99

Tyrone Stewart

ESPNLast year, Disney announced its plans to launch a pair of streaming services – one to represent its own branded content and one to represent ESPN content. In November, we learnt that we could expect to see the Disney service arrive toward the end of 2019, while the ESPN one is set to debut this spring. Now, we have been provided with a little more information about what to expect when the ESPN service arrives.

The sports-focused service called ‘ESPN Plus’ will sit within a revamped ESPN app and cost users $4.99 per month. This app will provide scores, highlights, podcasts, and other sports information, and enable access to live streams of all ESPN’s networks, along with the subscription streaming service.

“The changes will be dramatic, with more compelling visuals, as well as an easy, intuitive interface and exceptional video and sound quality,” said Disney CEO Bob Iger in an earnings call. “Users will also enjoy an increasingly personalised experience as the app blends explicit choices with implicit behaviour to curate a unique mix of specific, relevant content tailored to the taste of each individual user.”

ESPN Plus will feature ‘thousands’ of live events that aren’t available on ESPN’s linear networks from the MLB, the MLS, the NHL, college sports, Grand Slam tennis, boxing, golf, rugby, and cricket. On top of the additional live events, the subscription service will have a full library of ESPN Films, and will be home to exclusive original content.  

The service will be available on Android, iOS, tvOS, and Chromecast at launch, with Disney promising availability on more platforms in the future.