David Murphy

Marketing solutions company Responsys has announced the launch of the Responsys Mobile Gateway, a combined email and mobile messaging platform, designed to enable end-user clients to create and execute their own multichannel marketing campaigns.

Launched at today's Technology For Marketing show in London, the gateway is based on Responsyss Interact technology, and powered by Mobile 365, the mobile messaging and data services company. Using the gateway, customers can deliver multichannel campaigns via a single, intuitive user interface. Campaigns can be delivered at the most appropriate stage of the consumers lifecycle, according to the behaviour and preference data held on each consumer. The gateway also tracks the delivery status and customer response, or non-response, to each message, in order to trigger the appropriate next-stage message, via email, SMS, WAP push, or print-on-demand.

A lot of UK companies currently use an agency to run their mobile campaigns, but I think we will see the UK going the same way as the US, where there is much more self-service says Responsys Vice President, EMEA, Andrew Burford. Using an agency can get pretty expensive when youre running regular campaigns. As long as the user is up to writing simple business rules, the Responsys Mobile Gateway makes it simple to manage campaigns in-house.

Visit the Responsys website.