Don't Pay Us, We'll Pay You

David Murphy

Mobile users who are fed up with paying to make calls and send texts may like 3's  latest wheeze the network operator, which these days styles itself as a mobile media company',  has announced plans to pay its PAYG (Pay As You Go) customers for every call or text they receive.
The new service, called WePay, will see customers rewarded with a cash credit of 5p per minute for calls received and 2p per text received. Customers can claim their cash credit each time they purchase a new WePay top-up voucher. The credit can then be used to purchase any 3 services, including texts, calls, music downloads, and Mobile TV services.
As an example, a five-minute call received on their 3 mobile will earn the customer a 25p credit -  enough to send two texts, one picture message, or to watch the highlights from two episodes of Coronation Street.
3 is also launching a range of stylish new handsets, designed by fashion designer Roberto Cavalli, exclusively for its PAYG customers. The days when non-contract customers were stuck with a brick seem a long, long time ago.