EE launches official Glasontbury 2017 app, with Apple Music integration

Tyrone Stewart

EE GlastonburyMobile network operator, and official communications and technology partner of the Glastonbury Festival, EE has launched this year’s official Festival app with Apple Music functionality integrated for the first time.

The app, which was accessed more than 4m times during the 2016 Festival, enables users to check the latest news from the Festival, locate their tent of car, stay connected with friends via Facebook integration, personalise their Festival line-up with a scheduling tool, and livestream BBC coverage. The Apple Music integration enables users to preview music from the line-up.

According to EE, 50 per cent of festival-goers lose their friends at festivals for an average time of three hours and 44 minutes. While 16 per cent have lost their friends for the entire length of a festival. In addition, 60 per cent of festival-goers polled said they had missed their favourite bands at a festival.

“Losing your friends is all part of the festival experience, that’s why we ensure Glastonbury-goers have access to the latest technology to ensure they can reunite with mates more easily,” said Matt Sears, director of communications and sponsorship at EE. “Our 4G network on site means our customers can stay connected for the entire festival and the app continues to be an essential digital guide for those both there and also for Glastonbury fans who couldn’t make it down. It was accessed four million times during the festival last year so we know that those on site rely on it to ensure they get the most out the UK’s biggest and best-loved festival.”

In addition to the Glastonbury Festival 2017 app – available on Android and iOS – EE is also providing festival-goers with wireless and quick charge 3.0 charging stations. EE has said that it will also install the first permanent mast on the Glastonbury site to provide 4G coverage all year round.