EE Smart Clip Will Find Your Keys in Seconds

Tim Maytom

TrackRSilver_PursePhoneEE has partnered with TrackR to bring the company's TrackR Bravo smart clip to the UK, enabling users to easily find lost items using their smartphone. The partnership forms part of the firm's larger strategy of offering a range of connected devices and mobile accessories that will provide new and exciting experiences for customers.

The TrackR Bravo is designed to help find any lost item, from home and car keys to larger items such as a bicycle. The small device clips to valuable items and can utilise several technologies to help locate them if they are lost, misplaced or stolen.

An accompanying app on iOS and Android can tell users how far away the item they are to a distance of 100 feet, and trigger a ringing noise on the clip to aid in locating the item. The TrackR also works in reverse, so if you have misplaced your smartphone but have the clipped item, you can press a button to make the phone ring. You can even set up an alert that will notify you if you move a certain distance from your phone, ensuring you never leave it behind.

If your clipped item is further away, users can access TrackR's Crowd GPS system to track it instead. If another user (of which there are over 10,000) comes within a mile of your lost item, you'll receive an alert letting you know where it is.

The devices will be available in EE stores from today onwards, in packs of one, two or four.