ElloWorks by Talenthouse launches marketplace for brands to hire Ukrainian creatives

David Murphy

ElloWorks by Talenthouse has launched a platform to enable brands, startups, and businesses worldwide to engage Ukraine’s creative talent.

The platform's Ukrainian name means e!Creative in English, and is a collaboration by creatives, for creatives which translates to “there is creative work”. One of the many consequences of the  war in Ukraine is an end to local demand for creative work. Many creative professionals have lost their income, meaning they cannot provide for their families nor support their country financially.

The platform simplifies the scoping, selection, and collaboration with creatives. ElloWorks by Talenthouse will take no commission from the projects, with 100 per cent of the fee going directly to the creatives. Brands, startups, agencies, as well as Ukrainian creatives are invited to sign up at

“The war not only deprived us of our homes; it also took away the opportunity to feed ourselves and shook our confidence in the future,” said Ukraine-based Creative Director, Nadya Skrynnyk. “But creativity knows no bounds, and the work of a top-class designer or copywriter will always be in demand. We just need to establish new connections, open new doors. That is exactly what [the] platform does, and I hope it will become a life-buoy for many creative specialists.”

The e!Creative team has already identified more than 1,000 Ukrainian creatives who qualify for the initiative. These creatives are professionals who want to work, are able to work, and have the right to a dignified income to support themselves and their loved ones, even in times of conflict.

Spearheaded by Skrynnyk (Creative Director at AdBakers Ukraine); Ingmar Janson (Former MD at Scholz & Friends International); and Liz von Loewen (Head of Operations at Talenthouse), the  initiative is actively supported by the global Talenthouse and ElloWorks by Talenthouse teams.

Brands, startups, and agencies can submit their next brief by reaching out the platform. Once onboarded, they’ll be able to publish their brief in the areas of graphic design, print design, illustration & infographics, digital & social content, and more. They will be matched with Ukrainian creatives and can select their top pick. Once the creative accepts the task, the work begins. Clients can interact and provide feedback on drafts via the platform, and will receive the deliverables by their preferred deadline.

In order to start receiving creative work, creatives need to register as a creative on the platform. Once onboarded, they will be prompted to complete their profile, including examples of work, before they are able to qualify to match for a job. The fee for the work is set automatically according to the average market rates in Europe. There is no need for negotiation and the compensation meets the same market rates as in London or Berlin. ElloWorks by Talenthouse will ensure all creative payouts to creatives in the Ukraine will take place via SWIFT transfer within seven days of submission.