The Future of Mobile

Emmi gamifies its latest product promotion via Tetra Pak QR codes

Tyrone Stewart

Swiss dairy company Emmi has teamed up with leading packaging company Tetra Pak to promote its products via four mobile-enabled games.

The games, developed by Appetite Creative, each correspond to one of the four milk products being promoted: Oat Milk Drink, Balance Drink, High Protein Milk Drink, and Milk Drink. By scanning QR codes on the Tetra Pak packaging, customers are taken to a jackpot wheel entry game, which users spin to select a game to play.

“This new approach to packaging means we can put our customer needs at the forefront of our marketing strategy and respond better than ever before when it comes to product development,” said Amir Maslic, Product and Brand Manager at Emmi.

The games include a ‘Tinder style’ personality quiz for customers to find their ‘perfect’ Emmi product; an Emmi Jump game, where users have to jump to collect Oat Milk while avoiding the sugar; an Emmi Flip game, where users have to continuously try to flip the Emmi Milk until all the sugar is gone; and an Emmi Fall game, where players have to try to catch falling products and avoid catching the sugar.

At the end of the games, customers are presented with a splash screen introducing Emmi’s new Oat Milk Drink and Balance Drink products. Winners will have a selection of prize options and can invite others to play.

Player data will be collected from the QR codes in return for discount codes and raffle entries. Data collected will include age, location, gender, duration of engagement, peak hours of use, and purchase location.

“This technology affords Emmi a new level of understanding about their consumers which they didn’t have before, enabling them to use insights in an increasingly targeted way to connect them with new products and offers today, and for future product development,” said Susy McKinley Marketing Manager at Tetra Pak for Mid Europe.

The campaign, which will be promoted across Facebook, YouTube, and Google Ads, will run until December 2020.