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Facebook's 'M' AI offers suggestions based on your Messenger conversations

Tyrone Stewart

More than a year after announcing its automated assistant, Facebook has launched its ‘M’ AI assistant in Messenger in the US.

M listens in on conversations, per se, and offers suggestions based on things mentioned during a chat with friends or family. Through machine learning, it ‘recognises intent in a conversation’. It will suggest stickers to send, a payment option when people are discussing money owed, sharing location, making plans, starting a poll in group conversations, and getting a ride through Uber or Lyft – all suggested based on the things mentioned in conversation.

“M relies on AI machine learning techniques. It suggests relevant actions to help manage conversations or help get things done,” said Facebook in a post. “We are bringing the power of M’s AI technology to support and enhance the Messenger experience and make it more useful, personal and seamless.”

M is available by chatting as normal with a friend or family member in Messenger. Its suggestions can be ignored or dismissed should they be deemed unhelpful, and M can be muted in the M settings.

While M is rolling out to iOS and Android users in the US, the rest of the world is also getting an update to Messenger. The update features ‘rich visual messaging tools and the ability to quickly share content’, as well as the addition of a ‘more’ tab to access Messenger’s features.