Facebook Mobile Conversions Overtook Desktop During the Christmas Period

Alex Spencer

mobile shopperLast year, Facebook saw more mobile conversions than desktop conversions for the Christmas period for the first time.

The internet giant has revealed that the mobile portion of online transactions grew by 55 per cent year-on-year, starting from Black Friday. Overall, mobile made up 51 per cent of online transactions – an increase of over 10 per cent compared to the same period in 2015.

Facebook IQ says:Our smartphones are with us at all times—during our commutes, in the check-out aisle, on the couch during commercial breaks—and increasingly, we are turning to them to research products and services, compare prices, check availability and get information while in-store. It’s where we discover new things, follow brands and are exposed to ads.”

A Kantar survey of 2,067 US retail shopping adults, commissioned by Facebook, found that 30 per cent had discovered a new product on Facebook – with 20 per cent saying Facebook led them to buy a new product or service online. Furthermore, around 33 per cent said Facebook and Instagram are good places to find out about new products and services.

Moreover, Facebook data has shown that shoppers who see retail or ecommerce ads on Facebook mobile convert 1.08 days more quickly than those, who see the same ad, on desktop. People on smartphones also browse fewer products before making a purchase, on average.