Fortnite on Android could be a Samsung exclusive

Tim Maytom

Currently the biggest game in the world, in part thanks to the success of its iOS version, Fortnite is yet to arrive on Android, but the studio behind the hit, Epic Games, have said that it is expected "this summer".

However, rumours are circulating that the game could be exclusive to Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Note 9 smartphone when it first arrives, with wider availability opening up a month later.

A recent report by XDA Developers, which suggests that Fortnite will arrive on Android on 24 August, also says that the game will be exclusively available on the Samsung device until late September. An announcement regarding the game's Android version is expected on 9 August, the same day as Samsung's Unpacked event in New York City, which is likely to unveil the latest Galaxy Note smartphone.

If true, this partnership could be a huge boon to Samsung, which recently saw mobile profits slow in its Q2 financial results, in part due to the below-expected performance of its Galaxy S9 flagship phone. Given that Fortnite managed to generate $100m in revenues during its first 90 days on iOS, it's fairly certain that an exclusive version would have an impact on the Note's sales.

The Galaxy Note line is known for larger 'phablet' devices, which would be perfect for mobile gamers. There are also reports that anyone ordering the device would get in-game currency (or "V-bucks") worth between $100 to $150 (£76 to £114) as an incentive.

The Android version of Fortnite is so anticipated that fraudsters have been using fake versions to spread malware prior to its release. The report by XDA Developers also suggests that the game may circumnavigate the Google Play Store and instead only offer downloads direct from Epic Games' website. This unusual step would enable the developer to avoid paying Google a cut of its revenues from Fortnite, which are expected to be substantial.