Furniturebox report reveals the true value of interior design influencer content

David Murphy

Home influencer accounts on Instagram have changed how people consume interior design. Instead of trawling through home magazines, many people now head to their trusted network of Instagram interior design influencers to see they can spruce up their homes, opening up a lucrative interior design influencer stream. 

So, how profitable is interior style online? And which rooms have the highest earning potential. To answer these questions online furniture retailer Furniturebox analysed 25 of the top interior design Instagram influencers and evaluated their content from January 2019 – October 2021 to see which rooms featured the most on their feed and earned the most money. This was then used to calculate an estimated total earning per room, per year for each influencer.

The study found that the living room is the most photogenic and profitable room in the house, earning the 25 influencers a collective £4.15m or £1.55m per year across a total of 1,766 photographs. On average, Furniturebox calculated that a year's worth of living room snaps has the potential to make each interior design Instagram influencer £62,213 per year. 

In second place was the kitchen, which makes a total of £946,787 per year across the 25 accounts, an average potential earning of £37,871 per year for each influencer. The bedroom came in third, with a total of £827,714 made per year across the 25 influencers, an average of £33,108.53 each per year.

In fourth place was the dining room, with total earnings of £782,639 per year, equating to a £31,305 per influencer, per year earning potential. The bathroom came in fifth place, with total earnings of £362,501.83 per year or £14,500 per influencer. Bringing up the rear in sixth place was the study, with total earnings of £145,188.81 per year or £5,807.55 per influencer. 

The study also looked at the earnings per room of selected influencers. There are full details in the report here, but as one example, influencer Mrs Hinch makes £33,364 each year from photos of her living room; £27,380 from photos of her bedroom; £15,211 from the dining room; £6,084 from the bathroom; and £3,042 from the kitchen.

“It’s spectacular to see the amazing earning potential a strong sense of interior design can bring to an individual,” said furniturebox Managing Director and Co-founder, Monty George. “This study highlights the fresh and new career opportunities interior design and home improvements can bring, with home influencers building strong careers on the styling of their homes. 

“It’s great to also break down the popularity and earning potential of each individual room. I was certain we’d see the living room scoring highly, but for a staggering £4m to be potentially made across the top home influencer accounts in 32 months from living room pictures is huge! This highlights our public interest for a constant source of home styling inspiration and shows that this is a growing industry to feed the interior demand.”