Google brings audio ads to DoubleClick Bid Manager

Tyrone Stewart

GIrl mobile headphonesGoogle has made audio ads available through DoubleClick Bid Manager to all of its customers around the world, giving marketers to audio spots on Google Play Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, TuneIn, and soon Pandora.

In a blog post announcing the launch of audio ads, DoubleClick product manager Jean-Claude Homawoo said that “audio offers exciting new terrain to reach an engaged audience”.

“Audio ads bought through DoubleClick help brands connect with people even when they aren’t engaged with the screen on their device,” he added. “In these moments when they are listening to audio, people aren’t overwhelmed with multiple ads, meaning that brands who are present get higher share of voice.”

An estimated 1.26bn people will stream music globally this year, growing to 1.4bn by 2022, according to Statista.

“Audio advertising will continue to grow as music streaming services attract more users, and more consumers turn to audio for entertainment across devices,” said Homawoo. “Given these trends, it’s clear that brands should invest in reaching consumers with the right messages in audio just like they do in every other medium. Buying audio ads through DoubleClick Bid Manager is a great place to start.”