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Grolsch Builds Engagement with Bluetooth Bottle Caps

Tim Maytom

premium_2xDutch beer brand Grolsch has introduced tiny Bluetooth beacons into bottle caps to build customer engagement with its existing free movie offer.

The company's 'Movie Unlocker' digital initiative uses a Bluetooth transmitter that activates when the bottle is opened. When drinkers the tap the bottle cap against a Bluetooth-enabled phone that has registered for Grolsch's movie offer, it sends a signal to a server for authentication and enables to user to pick from a selection of films to watch for free.

Previously, the campaign used a more complicated process requiring users to type and register serial codes on a website, but now the process is automated. The company worked with Russian app developer Heads and Hands on the campaign, which is compatible with any device equipped with next-generation Bluetooth beacon connectivity.

"We were aware of a current campaign being carried out in Russia by Grolsch that allows consumers to enter promotional codes found on its bottles into its partners' websites. This enables people to access a movie for free," said Aleksandr Semenov, CEO of Heads and Hands. "We liked this idea, but thought we could make the process a whole lot easier. So, we developed this new 'one-touch' technology for the bottles in order to facilitate the transaction in a single step."