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Hartz launches Delectables cat treats campaign across TV, digital, social, display and search

David Murphy

Petcare brand Hartz has launched campaign for its Delectables wet cat treats.The campaign, entitled ‘Deliciously De-Lick-able Delectables’, was created by Cutwater, and focuses on two spots reinforcing the Delectables name in a fun direction through alliteration and repetition.

‘Grocery Store’ features a wife asking her husband to quickly stock up on more Delectables Lickable Treat while their meowing cats enthusiastically lick their bowls clean. ‘Lick Interruption’ centres around a guest observing a pet owner’s cuddly, purring cat pawing for more and more of a Delectables Squeeze Up. Both narratives conclude with the debuts of the all-new hero cat, an orange tabby, as well as catchy tagline and jingle: ‘Deliciously De-Lick-able Delectables’.

The US campaign will run across nationwide TV, digital, social, display and search. Specific media channels include Amazon, Walmart, TikTok, BuzzFeed, YouTube, and Hulu. The ad campaign will be complemented by influencer collaborations highlighting pet parents and families bonding with their cats

“With this work, the Hartz and Cutwater teams sought out to not only launch a new campaign for our brand, Delectables, but also introduce a whole new product form,” said Hartz CMO, Tina LeLay. “Since wet cat treats are relatively new, versus the old standard dry treats, many cat parents are still unaware that there’s a better way to show delight and affection to their finicky cats. These spots make it clear wet treats are the superior treating form, and only Delectables are delicious enough for cats to lick the bowl clean every time.”