IndaHash Automates Social Influencer Marketing on Snapchat

Tyrone Stewart

IndahashIndaHash, a technology platform that connects brands and agencies to social media influencers for branded content marketing campaigns, has launched a solution for Snapchat.

Snapchat users can download the app to receive requests from brands, who work together with Indahash to set the budget, reach and duration of their campaign. Influencers can then accept and create image or video content, which is sent to the client to be moderated and approved, and finally pushed out by the user over Snapchat.

Once the campaign runs, IndaHash offers clients complete reporting tools.

The first Snapchat campaigns bought through IndaHash are due to go live at the beginning of December when reach-based campaigns will be available in 14 markets, including the UK, Germany, South Africa and the company's home territory of Poland.

“Despite huge interest in the platform, until now it has been very difficult to execute reach-based campaigns on Snapchat,” said IndaHash founder Barbara So?tysi?ska. “Brands were unable to apply a standard CPV (Cost Per View) model - just paying for reach.

“We wanted to solve that issue and help brand and agency clients use the reach of thousands of mid-tier influencers and power users in their content marketing campaigns. The branded posts from such influencers are more authentic and designed to match the functionality of Snapchat and automation of the process allows the advertiser to gain the scale needed and buy millions of impressions.”

IndaHash has previously launched an equivalent app targeting influencers on Instagram. This app has a 3.4-star rating on the Play Store and a three star rating on the App Store.