Influencer marketing agency Inzpire.me launches Instagram Pricing Calculator

Alyssa Clementi

Inzpire.me, an influencer marketing startup based in Norway, has launched a “first-of-its-kind” Instagram Pricing Calculator, basing pay off of performance instead of follower counts. The calculator requires brands to input a creators Instagram handle, and the number of posts or stories they plan to commission, which will automatically suggest a starting pay rate to businesses.

With the Instagram Pricing Calculator, brands will have access to each creators’ impressions and engagement rates for posts and stories. Inzpire.me launched the tool with the idea that creators can’t just be measured through follower counts because it’s extremely easy to gain or purchase fake followers. With the calculator, Inzpire.me believes creators are more likely to be paid fairly for the work they put in.

Marie Mostad, co-founder and COO, Inzpire.me, said: “While data crunching is certainly a central part of what we do, we pride ourselves on taking a human-centric approach to influencer marketing, helping to foster meaningful collaborations and enabling the development of inspiring stories that will resonate with audiences. For us, trust is integral, that’s why people follow influencers that reflect their interests and aspirations, and it is based upon the same reasoning that brands call upon specific influencers.

Mostad continued, “We understand that follower size isn’t everything. In fact, the best influencers come from within their audience group and are able to take a brief, interpret it authentically, and then educate the brand on how to engage with that group moving forward. Our long-term aim is to utilise these insights in order to make influencer marketing as accessible and effective as possible to the widest range of brands and creators.”