IP geolocation in a connected world

Mobile Marketing - Sponsored by: Digital Element

Digital Element and Mobile Marketing Magazine have collaborated to develop a joint whitepaper that outlines the meteoric rise of the mobile internet and illustrates how marketeers, advertisers and ad tech companies can harness the power of IP geolocation to create more meaningful content and advertising that strikes a resonance with consumers from the very first interaction.

Download this whitepaper now, to learn how to:

  • Target mobile users at scale.
  • Drive better advertising performance.
  • Create compelling local offers.
  • Combine IP geolocation with other near field technologies.
  • Provide location-relevant content with no user opt in required.
  • Identify the differences between IP geolocation vendors.

“We found Digital Element’s IP geolocation technology to be the most accurate in the market. We use it to locate bid requests right down to postcode level, vastly extending the reach of our mobile geotargeting capabilities.” – Adbrain