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Isobar Brazil launches programmatic print campaign centred on a QR code

David Murphy

Isobar Brazil programmatic print campaignIsobar Brazil has launched a campaign in Brazil that uses a QR Code to deliver promotional content from McDonald’s, Burger King, and Subway, in a print ad. The new ad format provides offers that are personalised based on the profile, time of the day and location of the reader. It’s the country’s first print ad delivered programmatically.

Developed in partnership with the newspaper ‘O Estado de São Paulo’, the pilot was released on Friday, 26 July on Estadão Expresso and launched yesterday, with ads for delivered for McDonald's, Burger King and Subway. The format enables advertisers in the same segment to split the page and offer, in real-time, their best deals to the readers.

The print ad has a smartphone-readable QR Code. Both geolocation and time of the code reading determine which offer is delivered to the consumer, to ensure that readers are impacted by the most relevant and appropriate offer for that moment, according to the stores closest to them.

Rui Branquinho, Isobar’s chief creative officer explained how advertisers will be able to tweak the content of the ad in near real-time. He said: “If an advertiser releases an offer at 8.30am, and within hours, realizes that it has been losing ground to more aggressive deals from the other brands, its offer can be adjusted to become more competitive. The second phase and evolution of this new product envisions that participating brands can come up with more appealing offers, even if they are not the closest or most convenient ones to the reader."

The mechanics and technologies behind the project were developed by Isobar World Sourcing, Isobar development’s centre, located in Porto Alegre. The programmatic strategy was designed in partnership with Amnet, DAN's programmatic media trading desk in Brazil.