Japan and Korea Under the Spotlight

David Murphy

The Wireless World Forum is staging a round-table summit on 8 September, focusing on Insights and Trends from Japan and Korea. The event takes place at the Marriott Kensington in London. It will consider how Japanese companies are creating popular mobile TV content; whether advertising or subscription is the most suitable business model for Mobile TV; how effectively mobile games and social networking are being combined; how PlayStation and Xbox can profit from mobile games; and how QR codes (2-D mobile barcodes) have changed the rules of advertising in Japan.
Among those taking part in the discussions are Daniel Scuka, Editor-in-Chief of Wireless Watch Japan, Willem Blom, CEO of Expand Research, Jan Michael Hess, CEO of Mobile Economy, Michael Kim, Marketing Director of eFusion Mobile, and Graham Brown, CEO of Wireless World Forum.
The cost for Wireless World Forum members to attend is 395, with a 15% discount for any member registering online by Friday 25th August, bringing the price down to 335.
You can register online here.